Chú Ngựa Ô Choai - The Young Black Stallion Việt Sub (2003)

tamimi as neera a young girl who befriends a young black stallion and patrick elyas as aden although his voice was dubbed by eric grucza who for his uncredited performance was nominated in 2004 for the young artist award for best performance in a voice over rolechú ngựa ô choai,xem phim chú ngựa ô choai,download chú ngựa ô choai,xem online chú ngựa ô choai hd,xem chú ngựa ô choai nhanh,tai phim chú ngựa ô choai,the young black stallion,xem phim the young black stallion,download the young black stallion,xem online the young black stallion hd,xem the young black stallion nhanh,tai phim the young black stallion,biana tamimi,richard romanus,patrick elyas