Gã Mike Độc Nhất - Mike Epps: Only One Mike Việt Sub (2019)

this was my first mike epps stand up so i wasnt sure what to expect still i had high expectations since i like his movies a lot but this special i couldnt stand it is not funny at all and there is too much pointless profanity i actually think the profanity was suppose to be the funny material couldnt get past the first 15 minutesgã mike độc nhất,xem phim gã mike độc nhất,download gã mike độc nhất,xem online gã mike độc nhất hd,xem gã mike độc nhất nhanh,tai phim gã mike độc nhất,mike epps,only one mike,xem phim mike epps,only one mike,download mike epps,only one mike,xem online mike epps,only one mike hd,xem mike epps,only one mike nhanh,tai phim mike epps,only one mike